Welcome to the Hometown Hero Project. The mission of the Hometown Hero Project is providing the finest quality resources to Veterans and 1st responders as well as their families through our web directory, and our partnership with nearly 600 Veteran Service Organizations and other Hero friendly organizations nationwide.
  • Stick to the script!
  • Do not tell customers that you work IN, AT, or FOR the Veterans Post.
  • Do not lie to your customers or make up figures for your customers.
  • Do not use slang, inappropriate jokes, or humor while on the phone.  Remain professional at all times.
  • The phone receivers are very sensitive and your voice can be heard by other phones in the office.  Do not swear or use any inappropriate language while in the office.  No profanity on the sales floor.  Not only do some workers consider this language offensive, but customers can hear the background sounds. That can affect someone’s sale.
  • No violence, threats, or intimidation of any kind will be tolerated.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Do not attempt to make any personal calls or send personal emails.  Everything is monitored and recorded and you will be terminated immediately.
  • Understand that all incoming, outgoing, and internal calls are recorded and subject to monitoring.
  • All websites visited are logged and recorded, as well as all keystrokes made while logged onto the system.
  • All white listed websites are for work purposes only.
  • If you sell below our published price, or give away clubs/locations, or other unauthorized “FREEBIES”, you will NOT get credit for that sale.  This could result in termination of employment with HTH.
  • Do not ever take customers payment information yourself!
  • Every salesman has the right to make a sale, but no sales representative has the right to cancel a sale.  You must go through a CSR to cancel any sale.
  • The sales close is to be read verbatim on all sales calls.  Credit for the sale will not be given if not read verbatim.
  • Remain in 704 compliances at all times while in the office.  (NO HATS OR BEANIES)
  • Coffee, creamer, and office equipment are the exclusive property of Hometown Hero Project.  Do not abuse this privilege. NO STEALING.
  • Take advantage of the Lending Library resources.  The more you improve your skills, the more valuable and successful you’ll be.
This program is not easy, and it is not a free ride. But, with courage & commitment you can learn new skills, earn substantial retention savings, gain potential employment possibilities, and the opportunity for you to acquire social and reintegration skills.

Transfers must be answered by all agents that are qualified no exceptions. The Bird Dog’s job is to get a live person on the phone. At which point you as the seasoned sales agent are required to manage the situation and close the deal. 

If you are not answering the Bird Dog transfers for whatever reason, it’s not your buddy, you don’t think they do a good job, whatever the situation we will have to impose a penalty. 1st time will cost you $500. 2nd time you lost everything and become a Bird Dog yourself. At the end of the day gentlemen we are running a business and need all of our Sales agents closing deals.  

The Bird Dogs job is to get a live person on the phone at which point you take it from there. However if a Bird dog needs training for whatever reason we need to know. You can email Paul at [email protected] you can talk to your running back or let a trainer know. That being said everyone should take any transfers all the time.

All Training on number changes/and data issues are to be brought to Troy or Janeen’s attention.


6:00am  to 8:30am - Abe. If he is not available, the on site manager at WS and SR will work together to complete them.

8:30am to 1:30pm – Sonja. If she is not available, Cassandra will do changes. If both are gone, Phil will delegate someone.

1:30pm to 2:30pm – Cassandra. If she is not available, Phil will delegate someone.

2:30 to 5:00pm Sonja - If she is not available, Cassandra will do changes. If both are gone, Phil will delegate someone.

*The agent is to call their Team Captain to get an update if there has been no response within a few hours. Unless the number is for a sale and needs immediate attention.

Otherwise, Trust that we will do our best to take care of this asap, continue working your current calendar & make sales!!   

If a customer calls in or emails to cancel the Customer Service rep must call the customer to see what the reason for cancel is. If the customer service rep cannot come to a resolution with the customer the call will be scheduled for a sales rep. If the customer is a Santa Rita sale it will be scheduled for Les and or Keith, If it is a whetstone sale it will be set for Terry and or Jeff, and if it is a phoenix sale it will be set for that sales rep canceled sales will not go to just anybody we have designated Reps to deal with these issues This is per Scott and Phil no Exceptions unless Customer service is told different by Scott or Phil. Customer service must follow these guidelines if they are not followed there will be penalties for that customer service rep

This awesome classic is now available again.  You will receive a prepaid bonus of $5 when you secure the first payment during verification.

But there is more, a fun twist to the old classic, when you secure 5 or more first payment during   verification in a month you automatically qualify for an additional $5 added to that bonus, turning what was $5 into $10.

Example: 4 first payments during verification in a month would get you $20 that month. Not bad.

On the other hand if you were able to manage at least 5 first payments during verification in that same month then you get an additional $50 for your prepaid bonuses. Awesome!!!

Effective 9/1/2019 the $5 prepay bonus will only apply if payment is made day of the sale. Verification numbers will only be given if payment is made at the time of the sale. Credit card on file or deferred payments are no longer eligible to receive the $5 bonus.

When a salesperson has been absent for 5 working days, their quarterback, manager, Etc, will request that all callbacks for the last 7 days be reassigned.

The first time this is done the last 7 days and everything before that is transferred. Example, an agent has 100 callbacks in the last 7 days and 300 call backs going back months and months would lose a total of 400 call backs.

No Sale Policy:

Any sales agent that has been with us for 30 days or more who goes without a sale on a continuous basis for a certain time-frame will be subject to the following guidelines:

  • 2nd day without a sale by the end of the day - The sales managers and the floor manager will discuss and assess the situation with the agent to create a positive blueprint for success which will be followed on the 3rd day.
  • 3rd day without a sale - agent has entire day to focus on previous day's plan and focus on making sales
  • 4th day without a sale  - Before lunch or count, the agent will clock out for 30 minutes and remain in the training room to consider the directions given to them by managers to help them improve their focus and technique. After the 30 minutes they clock back in and work hard and smart to obtain a sale. (Does not count as your lunch break).
  • 5th day without a sale before the FIRST scheduled break - Repeat 4th day guideline, but for 15 minutes
  • 5th day without a sale before the LAST scheduled break - Repeat 4th day guideline, but for 5 minutes
  • 5th day without a sale by the end of the day - Agent will call Scott and sell him on why they deserve to continue working for the company


(This is a basic guideline and is subject to change dependent on the situation)

Example: client just paid their last payment of $166 on a VDA. He pitched her a $224 package. She wasn't going to or couldn't afford to make another payment at this time. Suggest that instead, once a client makes their last payment on a VDA, we immediately call up and offer a M-2-M geo on recurring and offer to credit the last payment towards first payment of Geo.

  1. They have already bought into the program and more willing to buy - especially if we offer something new.
  2. In this case she will pay us $58 for first month.
  3. In case where old payment exceeds new payment we will pay 100% of first geo payment
  4. Client must have track record of paying on time and have a card on file.
  5. It’s our way of saying thank you for past payment.
  6. If clients first full payment is not made by end of the following month, it will not go towards bonuses - this shouldn’t be an issue for sales early in the month.... gets a little tight for end of month sales...but that’s the risk QB's take.
  7. The account cannot be currently on a VDA Subscription.

If you would like to keep using, or change to a custom background (ex. picture of a car, house, superhero, or anything other than the default background)  it will cost 100,000 points per month.  This is per Scott.

You will have until the end of the day Tuesday June 25, 2019 to restore it to default.

After Tuesday June 25, 2019 it will cost 100,000 points!

Credit Card and check payments can be made over the phone or from our website. If your client would like to pay over the phone be sure to conference in an office admin, give the admin all necessary information (their name, phone number, amount paying, and how they are paying) and then transfer when the client is ready to give payment information.

If your client would like to pay online then simply direct them to our website hthproject.info and locate the PAYMENTS link at the top of the page. Be sure to inform them that our page offers secure payments. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and eChecks

The way a movie is earned is based on the previous month’s weekly sales average.

Example June 2019 the unit sold $600,000 for the month the weekly average would be $150,000.

The respective unit must hit the weekly average to enjoy a movie on Friday. Now if the unit exceeds the weekly sales goal, the difference can be put into the bank and used later.

Each unit Sales Manager will be required to monitor and track the weekly sales goal and bank balances.

If the unit falls short of their sales goal and does not have anything in their bank a movie can still be earned based on collection percentage. The collection percentage cannot be carried over and is only based on the previous and current weeks collection percentage.

For every 1% over the previous weeks collection the unit will be awarded a credit of $10,000 to use toward hitting their sales goal.

June 5, 2019

Due to upcoming system changes to VanillaSoft (and for preparing our move to Five9), some additional changes are being made to the Special Project Policy.

1. There will be no more special projects for Teams as a whole.

2. 500, pre-uploaded leads will be given to the finder (final total may differ due to duplicates).

3. All Remaining leads will go to their respective cert folders.

*Policy subject to change pending new CRM.


June 3, 2019

Leads are divided among the requesting team as follows: 25% for the team, all additional leads go into CERT folders.


Once 30 days have passed by, any leads remaining in folders that have not been called will be subject to removal and placed into Cert Folders. Research must be done on all request and team must agree before submission. Team Captains must be notified of wanted scrapes for final approval in which case they will fill out the Cognito Form for their team or scrape and generate the leads themselves if under 100.

The data department only needs One link to a website and then a list of what is wanted. (Not 100 links to the same site). Also know that if they are requesting to pick and choose from a site, the data dept. will be scraping the whole site and releasing the rest to the Whole Company. It is not good business to only scrape parts of a website. 

*Policy subject to change pending new CRM.

Effective immediately all sales $5,000 and above will stay with the originating sales agent for the life of the account, for re-load and up-sell potential.

Updated 1-21-19

If you cannot work in our Phoenix office selling we will consider having you work from home. One requirement will be that you pay for a bird dog for at least 20 hours each week at 11 to $15 per hour. The hourly rate is dependent on the skill of the bird dog.

The reason for this is because we want to see you succeed and by having skin in the game along with the proven success that bird dogs have shown


Before calling renewal trades and new trades you must get permission first from Denise or Scott. Get that recording of Denise or Scott authorizing the trade and attach it to the record.


We have one cancellation policy for everything.

****If you mention the cancelation policy without the customer asking or mentioning it first, you will be penalized.****


Legacy Sales Agents Only:

In order to keep your legacy position, you must achieve a minimum of 80% of your 3 month rolling average number of sales.


Number of sales October 120, November 100, December 110, your average would be 110.

Therefore, you must have a minimum 88 sales for January to keep your position.

If you fall below your average you will become a sales dog.